About us

The Global Child Dental Fund (GCDFund) is a UK-based charity that reaches out to the world's most disadvantaged children.

Our overall aim is to ensure that the most disadvantaged children from the most deprived communities around the world have access to dental care and do not suffer from obvious dental caries in their lifetime.
One of the four key strategic objectives of the GCDFund is to develop social responsibility in dentistry, especially among the younger members of the profession. To further this aim there is an e-learning programme in volunteering and working overseas on our main site.
Now we have created the GCDFund Dental Volunteering website, an e-depository of dental projects. This allows students and practitioners to inform a wider audience of their work, to demonstrate the scope of dental volunteering and raise standards.

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Global Social responsibility in dentistry is the business of every member of the profession, and many students and practitioners undertake volunteering projects which have a major impact on the lives of those whom they serve.

It is part of professional responsibility to ensure that there is documentation of what has been done and sufficient information for future volunteers to build on this work.

To facilitate this we have developed the GCDFund Dental Volunteering website to:-

  1. allow students and practitioners, in any dental profession, to upload projects they have undertaken in order to help future volunteers and highlight the needs of those whom they have visited;
  2. support students and practitioners in learning as well as sharing their volunteering experiences;
  3. aid fundraising, either for individuals themselves or for the projects they are engaged in.

Benefits of uploading projects to the site

Through the uploading of projects, the website will:

  • become a depository for knowledge
  • help volunteers in sharing insights for mutual learning, as well as for advocacy for global dental health


We will announce shortly ongoing awards for students and practitioners