First Smiles

First Smiles is a campaign aiming to introduce oral health to young children.
Project start date: 19/06/2015
Project end date: 17/06/2016
Project year: 2015-2016
Project location: Europe
Target group: Children aged 6 - 12 years
Project aim: 

Build important partnerships between nurseries, Schools and their local dental practices.

Improve the oral health and hygiene habits and behaviours of children across the U.K.

Teach young children about the basic messages of good oral hygiene.

Make children feel more at ease about visiting the dentist.

Increase the amount of time that oral care is taught in the classroom.

Reduce the amount of young children in the U.K. with tooth decay and other preventable oral disease and eminencies.


Project funding: 

This project recieves no funding. BSDHT members give up their time voluntary to go out into the schools. Various dental companies donate toothbrushes and toothpaste

Educational value of project: 

Ou members engaged with thousands of children who took part in activities and games offering an excellent opportunity  to give them the skills they need to take care of thier teeth throughout the rest od their live.

Project conclusion: 
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