Free Dental Camp in Chitwan Nepal Fair -2017

Curative and preventive management of common dental disease was carried out in free dental camp in Chitwan, Nepal Fair- 2017.
Project start date: 14/01/2017
Project end date: 14/01/2017
Project year: 2015-2016
Project location: Asia
Target group: Children aged 6 - 12 years
Project aim: 

The aim of the project is to provide free dental treatment to the people coming to Chitwan Nepal Fair 2017 specially children. All kind of dental treatment was carried out, all most 207 patients were examined among them 27 sacling+polishing, 44 Restoration (composite and Glass ionomer) and 39 extraction was done.

Project funding: 

The project was funded by Sai Ram Dental Care.

Educational value of project: 

During dental camp dental education  was a part of the program for the parents so that they could know the important of oral health of the children.

Project conclusion: 

Though the project was for a day but it was really fruitful for the people coming to Chitwan, Nepal Fair - 2017.