Post Earthquake Trauma Relief Dental Camp, Gorkha, Nepal

Children affected by the devastating earthquake on Apr 25 were provided with relief materials and their oral health status was examined and improved.
Project start date: 05/06/2015
Project end date: 05/06/2015
Project year: 2014-2015
Project location: Asia
Target group: Children aged 12 - 16
Project aim: 

The project was conducted in Gorkha Nepal, the epicenter of the 7.9 richter scale earthquake that claimed thousands of life in April 25, 2015. It was mainly focused to help affected children tackle post earthquake trauma. Educational materials and health kits were distributed to the kids. We also examined the oral health of the chilren and provided them with preliminary dental treatment.

Project funding: 

The project was conducted by Sairam Dental Care in collaboration with Italian Dental Students Association (AISO). The funding for this project was collected among the members of Italian Dental Students Association (AISO) and Sairam Dental Care. The total budget for this program was 4500 USD. 

Educational value of project: 

Many of the children that we got to meet had gone through horrible tragedies. Some children had lost their homes and few had lost their parents and family members. It was truly a depressing event. We talked with the children, consoled them, provided them with some relief materials and also taught them how to cope with the horror they were going through. In the end of the day, we also played some football with the kids to help them get their mind off the tragedy that surrounded them.

Project conclusion: 

We met over 300 children and provided them with relief materials and fun memories. In the times of distress, we realized, even some simple activities such as playing games can help children share smiles for a short while.